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We are a very serious company, please take care of some companies that offer 100% baby alpaca in their catalogs and when you got the products what you receive are low quality alpaca blended. Because We're the only Peruvian Alpaca Manufacturer Company of Alpaca Products. All our competitors are Traders online companies that are offering right now to low prices below to production costs that's just a cheat or fraud. for that before to purchase your fine alpaca products ask about the history of the companies that you have interest so do not be disappointed in the quality of your products. Because always cheaper in the long run is expensive. Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Alpaca products and all our other products. If you are interested to acquire alpaca wholesale products for your existing store ,on your farm or ranch, please send us an email and include your address and contact information. No special licensees are need to receive wholesale prices. We invite you to visit every area of wholesale products that allows you to begin selling the finest quality alpaca merchandise and have all your needs addressed. You will see how your business grow very fast with our products, we will work with you to be sure that you succeed. We can help you place your order based on our best sellers, in case you are not sure what to order We can manage volume pricing too. 

How do you fill your order: 

* Just send us an email with the codes and quantities that you want, we will offer several shipping and payment options to help you decide.

Don't forget to let us know which payment option do you prefer. We accept: Paypal, Western Union and Wire Bank Transfers.



Cusco Stores SRL- Wholesale Terms and Conditions 

Minimum Order:

Minimum order of USD$999 .
So you can easily get your first wholesale order to test our quality and your market
Orders of less than USD$999 are accepted from regular customers.


Method of payment: 
We have 2 payment options: 
1.Payment by bank transfer (wire transfer) in any amounts.
We recommend wire transfer is faster and also we can offer special conditions. 
The payment is faster, you will have to go to your bank where you have your account and request a wire transfer payment, with all the bank information that we will give you can prepare the payment, is fast and easy. As soon as we receive payment we will let you know by email. Also your bank will be informed. 
2. We accept Paypal (all Credit Cards), Wester Union.
If you prefer you can pay directly from your computer, we will prepare a payment link to you by email. Is the prefered option for the first time wholesalers. You will receive your order number and the confirmation 
Shipping charges for WHOLESALE orders would be calculated based on weight and size of the order according to Air Cargo rates. 


Quotation of price:
F.O.B. Callao, in US Dollar.
C.I.F by request, we can offer several ways of shipping according to your business needs. 
Transport and insurance will be paid by customers. 


Terms of delivery:
According to negotiation and the productive capacity. 
As soon as the products are ready and all the documentation cleared this are the estimate time to arrive at: 

USA - CANADA and Rest of America

Door to Door

5 - 12 Working Days

Express Delivery

4-8 Working Days

Air Cargo

3-7 Working Days

All the orders sent by AIR CARGO are shipped with all documentation required according to your country, such as Certificate of Origin, AIR WAY BILL, packing list and invoice. (Depending and what your country requested) 


Mode and way of transport:

According to the requirement of the customer.
By sea for big quantities is recommended (more than 500 kilograms).
Air freight for goods from 0 to 500 kilograms split in several boxes in some cases.
Mail or Courier for samples or urgent deliveries. 

Drop Shipping
Wholesale/Drop-Shipping Program 
Do more business with less overhead. Fulfill products without actually having to stock merchandise.
You don't warehouse anything, or ship anything. You simply place product information (images and descriptions) on your Internet site or auction, take orders, and email those orders to us. We ship the product to your customer's door. You set your Retail Price, and pay us the Wholesale Price, making a profit every time. You can edit the pictures to remove website but not logo. 

No sign up Fee
No Handling Fee
No Membership Fee 
How does it work?? 
• You would take orders and payments for items sold on our web site.
• You will process the credit card and handle all customer service issues regarding the customer.
• You will forward the order to Cusco Stores via email . Please include the complete shipping address including the name of the recipient. 
• Cusco Stores SRL we will prepare an invoice for you with the discount rate (drop shipper cost) to pay by bank transfer (wire transfer) online by paypal or by Western Union.
• We receive payment . 
• will assemble and ship from our location directly to your customer, (your name or company name will be listed as the sender on the shipping label and no invoice or "packing slip" will be included with the package.)
• Once your package is shipped we will email you confirmation, a tracking number for your shipment and your credit card charges. We will charge your credit card with wholesale cost. 
The benefits? 
• No inventory cost to you.
• No losses on unsold goods 
• No packing and shipping expenses 
• No warehouse costs 
Your Cost: 20% off our suggested retail price. 
Baby alpaca Giang teddy Bear 
Cusco Stores SRL Retail USD 99.99
Price for you USD$ 59.99
Your sell price: i.e USD 149.99 (market price)
Profit for you: USD 90.00

- A client of you purchase a product, 
- You request a payment link to us, 
- We send the link to you, 
- You pay with the shipping information of your client
- We will ship the products. 
Everybody is Happy.

How do I get started

1. To set up an wholesale account with Cusco Stores SRL. Contact us by email:

We will send you a contract form of our Wholesale/Drop Shipping Contract. We will review your contract and contact you whether or not you have been accepted into the program.

2. Once you have been accepted into the program, You simply select which products you would like to offer and load them onto your site. Remember our suggested retail price is simply a suggestion. You will be charged the wholesale cost. The price you charge for the products is solely at your discretion.

3. Begin receiving orders. 

Return Policies
Cusco Stores SRL unconditionally guarantees all merchandise to be free of defects, and also to contain the exact compositions advertised. Cusco Stores understands your concerns for composition and in responding to this problem in the marketplace will provide on request the origin of our yarn proving EXACTLY what composition you are buying. There are no surprises when opening a box arriving from Cusco Stores SRL.
If you aren’t completely satisfied with any purchase from Cusco Stores SRL simply return the questionable item within 30 days for an exchange or full refund. Items received after 30 days will receive a store credit that never expires. Please include your original invoice, and credit card slip. Sorry, but no exchanges after 90 days. Refunds will exclude shipping and handling charges. Sale items are not returnable.

Our Privacy Policy
CUSCO STORES SRL strongly respects your privacy. CuscoStores we will NEVER rent or sell your personal information to any third party. The information collected and stored by CUSCO STORES includes your name, address, telephone number, and email address. While your credit card information is collected at the time of purchase by none are stored on CUSCO STORES's server. Credit card information is sent directly to Verisign's and McAffe hacksers freesecure server, where it is safely held. Because CUSCO STORES collects personal information through a secure server that features the latest encryption technology, you can be assured that none of your information will be viewed by anyone outside of CUSCO STORES. Furthermore, all shipping labels are pre-printed at CUSCO STORES's office, so none of your personal information is held or stored by any of the shipping companies that are used to deliver CUSCO STORES's orders. 
The information you provide to CUSCO STORES will only be used to process your order. Unless there is a problem with your order or you have opted to receive the CUSCO STORES Newsletter by email, you will not be contacted by CUSCO STORES. If you do agree to receive the CUSCO STORES Newsletter but later change your mind, you can request to be removed from our list by simply emailing us at sales. You may also update or change the personal information CUSCO STORES has collected by sending an email to sales. Should there be any changes to CUSCO STORES's Privacy Guarantee, all affected users will immediately be notified by email and all relevant changes will be posted in our site. 
While you are shopping, CUSCO STORES uses cookies to keep track of the items that you have placed in your shopping cart. Cookies are bits of information that allow CUSCO STORES's server to associate you with the specific products that you have added to your shopping cart. We recommend that you turn your cookies on while shopping at CUSCO STORES, as this will allow for a much more enjoyable and worry-free shopping experience. 

Fur Coats are handmade by Skilled ArtisansThese Soft and Warm mittens are handmade in baby alpaca furFur Hats handmade by skilled artisans in baby alpaca skinThese Fashion Alpaca Fur Handbags are handmade by skilled artisansOur Alpaca With Fur Trim Clothing are made in fabric with baby alpaca fur as trimFur Jackets handmade by Cusco Stores in Baby Alpaca FurOur Peruvian Alpaca Hats Chullos are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisansHouse Fur Slippers are softness and warmth handmade in Baby Alpaca FurAlpaca With Fur Trim Cardigans are sepecial fashion clothingThese Jackets are made in machine with hand finished in alpaca woolFur Stoles and Scarves are handmade by Cusco Stores ArtisansThese softness and warm Fur Vests are special for winter seasonOur Alpaca Shawls Pashminas are made in machine with hand finished with fine baby alpaca woolThese Alpaca Sweaters are made in machine with hand finishedThese Wool Cardigans are softness and warmth special for winter seasonThese Alpaca Wool Ponchos are made in fabric and yarn of baby alpacaFine Scarves are machine and hand in baby alpaca woolThese Mittens are handmade by skilled artisans in alpaca woolThese capes and ruanas are made in machine with hand finished in special baby alpaca fabric and yarnOur softness and warmth Gloves are handmade in fine alpaca woolOur Children's Apparel mainly are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisansThese Apparel Set are made in finest baby alpaca fabric, Fur and Yarn or mixed with themThese Suri Carpets are handmade by skilled artisans in baby alpaca suri fursThese Softness and Warmth Socks are made alpaca woolThese fine fur bedspreads are handmade by skilled artisans in baby alpaca furThese Stuffed Plush Toys are handmade by skilled furrier artisans in baby alpaca fursThese adorable Teddy Bears are handmade in baby alpaca fur, special gift for christmas, mother dayThese blankets are made in machine in baby alpaca and mixed with others fine woolOur Baby Alpaca Fur Rugs are handmade in softness raw material, avaible a lot of rugsThese Alpaca Fur Rug are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisans in alpaca huacaya furThese Baby Alpaca Throws are made in machine are soft and warmth, special for travelThese Wool Bracelets are handmade in andean cloth and leatherOur Fabric are made in baby alpaca wool and there are differents qualities to the chooseOur Offer are alpaca Hides Skins in differents qualities and colors dyed or naturalThese Yarns are made in machine differents kind of alpaca woolThese Alpaca Wool Fleece are produced by Cusco Stores in PeruOur Tablecloth are made in machine in andean wool, available differents colors and sizesThese Peruvian Copper Gift are handmade in andean metalThese Andean Dolls are handmade by skilled Women artisans in andean clothThese Andean Ceramic Objects are handmade by skilled artisans and available differents objects specially for the homeThese Musical Instruments are handmade in special wood and bambooOur Andean Key Rings are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores SRL artisansThese Stone Items are handmade by skilled artisans, available differents decor objectsThese Andean Jewelry are handmade by skilled artisans with silver 950 and 925These Andean Gifts & Ornaments are handmade by skilled women artisans in differents raw materialThese Andean Silver Objects are handmade in silver 950 and 925 qualityThese Embroidery Belts are handmade in fine special merino sheel wool These Wool Travelbags are handmade in merino sheep wool and alpacaThese Andean Pipes are handmade by skilled artisansThese T-Shirts are made in finest peruvian cotton called PimaOur Alpaca Fur Pillows are handmade by skilled furrier Cusco Stores SRL artisansThese Wallets are handmade by skilled women artisans in different andean raw materialThese Hide Skins Products are handmade and are special giftsThese Tapestries are handmade in fine merino sheep wool and alpaca, differents sizes and colorsOur Cotton Apparel are made in machine with hand finished in special pima cottonThese Wool Cushions are handmade in special merino sheep woolOur Peruvian Gourds are handmade by skilled artisans, there are differents objects special for giftsThese Fur Cushions are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisans in fine baby alpaca furThese Andean Wool Handbags are handmade by skilled women artisansOur Finger Puppets are handmade by skilled artisans in special merino sheep woolThese Chess Set Games are handmade by skilled artisans in stone, pottery and woodThese Soft and Warm mittens are handmade in baby alpaca fur

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